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Safety Management

Establish and maintain a Safety Management System to keep your fleet flying safely in accordance with the regulatory requirements.

Aviation Safety Management

How we can help

Commission Regulation (EU) No 748/2012 and Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/897  ANNEX I Part 21.A.3A Failures Malfunctions and Defects and 21.A.3B Airworthiness Directives requiring the establishment of a Safety Management System and of an Incident and Occurrence Reporting System.

Potential unsafe or unsafe conditions of a flying fleet requiring effective and quick reactions to manage to keep your fleet flying with an acceptable level of safety over a certain period of time, or to return it to operation as quick as possible.

Why Work With Us?

We can assist you to establish internal processes ensuring quick and effective actions in case of potential unsafe or unsafe conditions for re-establishment of safe conditions according to the requirements of Part 21. This includes the establishment of a system for:

  • “….collecting, investigating and analysing reports of and information related to failures, malfunctions, defects or other occurrences which cause or might cause adverse effects on the continuing airworthiness of the product,” (Part 21.A.3A(a))

  • Ensuring that the TC Holder “…shall report to the Agency any failure, malfunction, defect or other occurrence of which it is aware related to a product…” (Part 21.A.3A(b))

  • “When an occurrence reported …results from a deficiency in the design, or a manufacturing deficiency…or the manufacturer as appropriate, shall investigate the reason for the deficiency and report to the Agency the results of its investigation and any action it is taking or proposes to take to correct that deficiency,” (Part 21.A.3A(c)

  • conducting the relevant risk assessments to support aviation authorities to determine adequate corrective actions and reaction times for re-establishing of a safe condition or for return to service decisions after eventual grounding.