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Training and Coaching

Get comprehensive training lessons and coaching programs assisting you to develop and to improve your organisation.​

Training and coaching

How we can help

…From a white sheet of paper to the Type Certificate…

We can provide our support through the entire life cycle of your product. From the the first idea to the TC and further in service…

We have comprehensive training lessons and coaching programs on our portfolio assisting you to develop and to improve your organisation on the fields of:

  • Aircraft, Systems, Software, AEH Development, Component Development, Safety Assessments and Certification Principles
  • setting up adequate processes and procedures to implement the principles of ARP4754A, ARP4761, DO-178C, DO-254 and DO-297 up to DAL A.
  • achieve and maintain EASA Design Organisation Approval
  • Setting up certification programs
  • selecting, approving and monitoring of design and make suppliers
  • Type Validation Principles (FAA, CAAC, FATA, ANAC)

Why Work With Us?

Development and certification of complex and highly integrated aircraft systems the establishment of and adherence to effective design assurance standards are mandatory. We can train and coach you how to conduct the activities described under „Development & Certification Support“ and „Safety Management“ meaning how to translate the guidelines of ARPP4754, ARP4761, DO-178C; DO-254 and DO-297 to your projects. We gained these experiences in recent projects in cooperation with EASA and FAA. We know their expectations and understanding.